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Walk Awhile in My Autism

A manual of sensitivity presentations
to promote understanding of people on the autism spectrum

By Kate McGinnity and Nan Negri
ISBN 0-9660376-4-2
160 pp.

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"Our goal is to provide a menu of teachings to help others learn about the unique ways in which individuals with autism experience this world. We have attempted to provide teachings that match a variety of learning styles and are appropriate for all ages of students. While these sensitivity strategies have been primarily developed for school settings, they have applicability in a variety of non-school settings as well, including vocational sites, adult living facilities, day care settings, neighborhood and community settings, and family groups. Additionally, while our focus has been specifically on students with autism, there is obviously application across all areas of challenge and difference."

-- The authors, from the Introduction.

"This wonderful book lives up to the high standards I have come to expect from Kate McGinnity and Nan Negri -- creative, thoughtful, sensitive, current and practical. A must for every parent, every professional and every child who lives with autism. Buy it. Read it. Love it."

-- Anne M. Donnellan, Professor Emerita, Dept. of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education, University of Wisconsin, and currently Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, University of San Diego.

"I especially liked the quotes from people with autism, Planet Autism [p. 34], and the visual, auditory and tactile exercises to simulate the sensory problems of people with autism. The main thing is all the exercises people can do so teachers, parents, and others can experience how a person with autism senses and feels the world."

-- Temple Grandin, Associate Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, and author of "Emergence: Labeled Autistic," and "Thinking in Pictures."

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